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Brittany & Sherry


Specializing in private money loans allows A-1 to review each loan on a case by case basis to determine if the loan meets the needs of the borrowers and the requirements of private investors.


The typical private money loan is for a borrower who may be self-employed or in the process of restoring their credit and not able to meet the stricter documentation requirements that are currently necessary for a conventional loan. A borrower may also want to close the transaction in a much shorter period of time than that required for conventional financing. We have been able to complete many transactions in less than 2 weeks.

The loans are secured by real estate with the decision to make the loan based primarily upon the protective equity in the property, while the borrower's ability to pay and credit history are also considered. Some properties may not conform to Bank and Savings and Loan conventional requirements at the time of purchase. Many people are purchasing bank owned properties in need of rehabilitation. A-1 has participated in funding many successful investments for our Borrowers and Lenders.

A-1 is a member of the California Mortgage Association which provides the latest updates regarding changes to the California Civil Code and State and Federal Regulations.


We pride ourselves in directing borrowers back to the original referral source, when the borrowers are ready for a conventional refinance.

Sherry Shaw


Licensed since 1979

California Bureau of RE # 00760107

Cell 707-321-1111


Brittany Benson

Associate Broker

Licensed since 2008
California Bureau of RE # 01840295
Cell 707-480-2733

Sherry, the mother of this duo, was born and raised in Lakewood, Wisconsin. She moved to Santa Rosa and obtained her Real Estate License in 1979. While  still working as an insurance broker, she started with Real Estate Sales. She has specialized in Private Money since 1983. She is very familiar with the cycles of the Real Estate Market. 


Brittany, the daughter of this duo, was born and raised in Santa Rosa, graduating from Montgomery High School in 2006. While attending Sonoma State University, she obtained her Real Estate Salesperson license in early 2008. She graduated from Sonoma State University in 2010 with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and also, a Bachelor of Art in Economics, both with a special concentration in Pre-Law. She obtained her Real Estate Brokers License in 2011. 

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